About the Host

Dr. Viveta Lobo is an emergency medicine physician and a mom of two. As a frontline worker during COVID-19, she came to the hard realization that her (and her family’s) financial future wasn’t truly in her control.

Determined to take charge, Dr. Lobo committed to educating herself on value investing. She is now well on her way to securing the financial future she wants, and is committed to sharing her experience with other healthcare professionals.

Your Host

Dr. Viveta Lobo

Stocks4Docs is hosted by Dr. Viveta Lobo, a practicing emergency medicine physician. Growing up, the world of finances, stocks, and investing held no natural interest for her. She focused her energy on pursuing medicine as a career, leaving her with little time for anything else. 

After almost ten years in practice, she found herself busier than ever, managing a full-time practice, two small kids, and a household. As a frontline worker during the COVID-19 pandemic, she was challenged with the hard realization that her financial future and freedom were not in her control. 

Determined to take charge, she committed to educating herself on investing—particularly value investing as preached by gurus such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai and more. She is now well on her way to securing the future she wants and is ready to share her learnings and her journey with all her listeners.

Who We Are

Stocks4Docs is an investment podcast designed to empower healthcare professionals to build wealth through value investing. We educate listeners on the fundamentals of stock investing, using the gold standards set by the investing gods. Guest speakers share their expertise, stock picks, and wisdom to help listeners build a self-managed stock investing practice.

Our Mission

To educate and empower healthcare professionals on personal finance and wealth building through value investing

Our Core Values


We will demystify the stock market, crack the code of financial lingo, and break down the numbers to make stock investing easier to understand than medicine.


With a proper knowledge-base, Stocks4Docs provides listeners the confidence to make informed decisions to build wealth through stock investing.


Building wealth is the key to securing the financial freedom that so many healthcare workers desire and value investing is a low-risk way to achieve that goal.