In our latest podcast of Stocks4Docs, we sat down with Bonnie Koo MD. She’s a dermatologist, a financial coach for women physicians, and the founder of Wealthy Mom MD

We sat down to discuss her business, how she got started, and who she helps with her services. Read on to discover more about her fascinating journey. 


How It All Started

Bonnie admits that as a student, she wasn’t very good with money. She was the type of resident who usually borrowed money in the last few days before her monthly check. 

She explains it wasn’t even like she had a good reason. She wasn’t married, didn’t have a house or children. She was spending too much. 

She used to hear some other residents talk about their portfolios. They would always comment on their interests in particular stocks. She never paid it any mind because she wasn’t in a situation to use the advice. 

During her last year of residency, she realized she needed to learn about investing. It was at that time that she went back to those same residents to learn more. They were happy to help.  

They introduced her to The White Coat Investor. She read through the book and found his insights very valuable. She started to apply some of the strategies and used them to change her finances. That sparked her interest to learn more, so she started reading more. 

It wasn’t until she was in a Facebook group for female physicians that she realized she had started a business. She used to provide investment insight about things she was reading to other people in the group. 

One of her girlfriends told her she should start a blog about the things she was explaining. She hadn’t thought about it but realized her friend was right. She admits it started slow. It was kind of like a hobby because she enjoyed talking about investing. 

At some point, she realized, wait a minute, I have a business. I could actually monetize this. 


Wealthy Mom MD 

Today, Bonnie has gone from a young resident who knew nothing about money to a financial coach. She gets to help other residents who used to be like her. 

With her business Wealthy Mom MD, she offers insight into investing and how to get started. She runs a weekly podcast where she talks about topics like: 

Bonnie also offers a couple of ways to receive more guidance through coaching. 

  1. Money for Women Physicians (Group Coaching)
  2. The Inner Circle (VIP 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship)

Bonnie also offers a free course for people looking to find out more about her services. 


Who She Helps

Bonnie loves that she gets to support other women who used to feel like her. Before she learned about money and investing, she was always stretching out a dollar. Now, she lives debt-free, has more time to spend with her family, and controls when and how she wants to work. 

She created her courses to empower women and physicians. She believes learning about money is a skill that pays for itself many times over. Her services offer young women and women physicians a roadmap on how to get there. 

Many women physicians struggle with exorbitant student loan debt. After becoming a doctor, their salary quadruples overnight. That leaves them wondering how to best use their newfound wealth. Bonnie’s practical advice offers a guide to financial freedom. 

She has loads of free content on her site to check out before committing to her services. Feel free to peek around to see what interests you and go at your own pace. 

We all start somewhere, but it sure is easier when you have a mentor to help show you the way. 


Looking for More? 

Bonnie believes that anyone can take this information and apply it to better their life. 

If you’re looking to level up your life, why not check out her free content. If you’re feeling more inspired, check out her free course

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Bonnie Koo, MD is certified life coach, physician and founder of Wealthy Mom MD. She is a proud graduate of Barnard College and Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons. Her mission is to help women create wealth and rewrite history. She is the host of the Wealthy Mom MD Podcast and author of Defining Wealth for Women: (n.) Peace, Purpose, and Plenty of Cash! debuting Fall 2021.