This week, the Stocks4Docs Podcast welcomes a special guest, Dr. Lisha Taylor, a family medicine resident and founder of the website of

 Dr. Taylor discusses how her journey began, its evolution, and some of her new and current projects.  She has so much to share, especially for other young professionals interested in increasing their financial literacy. 


“I’m a doctor who really cares about money.”

Dr. Taylor’s decision to pursue Family Medicine, a specialty known to be on the lower end of the physician pay scale, led her down this path that has now become her passion. She was nervous about her future earning potential in primary care, knowing the lifestyle she desired and being realistic about the loans she had accumulated.  She had some background in finance when she started her medical education, but she also had the support and resources of her family and in particular her father.  Dr. Taylor leaned back on these supports and received the encouragement to begin to educate herself, make smart decisions, and to invest her money which started her off on her journey towards financial literacy while pursuing Family Medicine.  She defined her “why” and settled on a path to build wealth.


Her medical school classmates recognized her increasing wealth of knowledge on financial literacy.  Unfortunately, financial literacy is something that is hardly ever discussed during in medical school despite lectures on wellness and burnout prevention. After being asked repeatedly for financial advice, Dr. Taylor realized she should start writing her advice down.  Initially she started blogging on her own and eventually began writing for other websites and speaking for audiences. 


Some of the concepts she likes to discuss with busy young medical professionals include:

-Figuring Out Your Why

-Investing in Index Funds

-Set It and Forget It

-Side Incomes/Hustles

-Plans for Debt Reduction, Student Loans, Housing, and Investing


Recently, in addition to her website, Dr. Taylor started a Facebook group to discuss timely and relevant topics for young medical professionals.  Current subjects include negotiating contracts, student loans, and tax tips. 

 If you are interested in learning more about financial literacy from Dr. Taylor, there are many ways to connect.  Find her blog posts at, on Facebook at Financial Grand Rounds, on Instagram at careermoneymoves, and on email at


You can also find additional information on building wealth and financial freedom for the healthcare professional at

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Dr. Altelisha “Lisha” Taylor is a family medicine physician with a passion for investing. she started the website for busy young professionals who know they need to learn a little something about money management but may not have the time or desire to read complicated finance books in their [limited] free time.