It’s our 1-year birthday!


It is thrilling to be able to mark this endeavor at this special milestone, one full year since Stocks4docs was launched.  I’m so proud to sit here, 40 plus episodes later, and reflect on all the joy that executing this project has brought me from the relationships I’ve forged to all the knowledge I’ve gained from people with different expertise.  I’m so amazed we’ve been successfully creating content for over a year and I’m thankful.


This episode will both look back at how this journey started and reiterate my future goals.  For those that may not know, my target from early on was to become a physician.  I acquired significant debt from my schooling and my residency paychecks were not very large.  It was initially overwhelming and for the first 10 years of my career I made money decisions as needed.  Financial planning and investing seemed like concepts I would tackle in the future.  I was waiting for more money and more time. I did not feel I was living the life I had imagined.  I wanted more quality time and freedom to pursue other interests and hobbies.


While investigating ways to achieve the lifestyle I wanted, I was encouraged by a family member to consider the stock market and value investing.  As I started reading and learning, I realized value investing had simple rules, was conservative, and seemed like something I could get behind. This was how my journey began.


 As the years passed, I’ve learned to take advantage of events in the market, be selective, and pick companies run with honesty and integrity.  COVID reinforced that having wealth and financial freedom is something I’m most grateful for and made me speak out about investing a bit more with my colleagues.


After many rewarding and interesting conversations with trainees, nurses, and other coworkers, I often received requests to put my advice in writing or start a podcast.  I decided upon a podcast and the rest is history!  I found a great partner in my marketing firm, and we were able to start Stocks4Docs.  The extra time at home during COVID, as well as seeing the financial downturn in medicine, provided the perfect opportunity and motivation to kick off the project.


Now that we’ve reached the one-year mark, my goal is to make it to year two!  I hope to talk a bit more about stock picks as that has been often requested.  I also would like to learn more about value investing and feature more experts so my listeners can make their own connections. I might announce some new features at Stocks4Docs, possibly a YouTube channel, and I’m considering sponsorships, but you’ll have to follow along to find out!


I’m so happy to be able to impart some knowledge to medical professionals because there is so little exposure to financial literacy along the usual journey.  I particularly target younger professionals because a few key steps early on can set you up for long term success.  I would be thrilled to know that this knowledge has helped even just a couple of listeners!  I’m doing this without pay, as my way of giving back.  It is a labor of love and I hope to reach as many as possible.  Thank you so much for listening to me.  And, I would love to hear from you!  Please reach out to me, let me know what you liked and what you didn’t, so I can keep going in the best direction forward!


Thanks for listening.  I am so very excited to celebrate this first birthday with all of you!

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