Episode 27

Interview with a Long-Time Value Investor: Jeff Hohner Part 2

In this episode, we discuss how Jeff has been value investing for decades and is the president of Tecumseh Capital

Jeff explained that investing is a fundamental part of someone's life.

My interview with Jeff Hohner continues! Jeff has been value investing for decades and is the president of Tecumseh Capital, an investment firm active in startups, public and private equity, private debt, and real estate…so needless to say he has a wealth of incredible investment experience to learn from. Tune in to hear his wisdom!

Today's Guest: Jeff Horner

President of Tecumseh Capital Ltd.
Jeff is president of Tecumseh Capital Ltd., a private investment firm in Toronto that is active in early stage funding, public and private equity, private debt and real estate.

Jeff was co-founder, president & CEO of SurveySite Inc., an early entrant in the marketing research industry that focused on creating technology and methodologies to conduct primary research online for Fortune 500 clients worldwide. In 2005, SurveySite was acquired by Comscore, Inc., a leader in measuring digital and TV audiences and advertising at scale and is publicly traded on NASDAQ (SCOR). Jeff served on the executive team at Comscore and was President and President Emeritus at Comscore SurveySite until 2009.

For over 30 years, Jeff has been an investor and has held active operational and advisory roles in companies in the software, technology, service and real estate sectors. He continues to invest and work with early stage companies and as an entrepreneur at heart, one of his key goals is to leverage his experience to help other entrepreneurs build and grow highly successful companies.

In his spare time, he plays guitar in a band and enjoys reading, running and biking. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Administrative & Commercial Studies from Western University and a Masters in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University.

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