Episode 20

Interview with a Start-Up Investor, Mahendra Ramsinghani

Is Private Equity Investing Right For You?

The startup arena is far more complex. As Mahendra says, there is a lot of risk and effort involved, but the returns can be astronomical if you strike gold.

While public markets are a great investment opportunity, most investors balance their portfolios with alternative assets such as private equity/venture capital. However, these are often high risk and inaccessible to most investors.

Mahendra Ramsinghani, who has been an investor in Silicon Valley for over a decade and generated upwards of 50% IRR, will share his insights on this secret corner of the market. And oh – he is the author of the seminal book “The Business of Venture Capital”; a few signed copies will be given away to our listeners. Tune in for the next episode to find out the how and why of venture capital investments.

Today's Guest: Mahendra Ramsinghani

Managing Director
Investor in technology companies for over a decade. Author of two books - The Business of Venture Capital and Startup Boards (with Brad Feld)